Now we're talking!

Ciao is the beginning of a new and easy way to set up and join conference calls. Now you can match agendas, time zones and contact hours to find the best free slots available for everyone.

Just add people you want to talk with, and Ciao.


Matching timeslots

When setting up a meeting, Ciao matches all participants agendas with yours and finds the best time available for everyone.

Invitations with context

When invited to a conference, Ciao will show you how your agenda for that day looks like. So you can better respond to that meeting by seeing it in context.

Call directly from app

With Ciao joining to a call it's as easy as tapping the notification that reminds you of the beginning of it. Once you are in, you can see who is in and who is not.

Context-aware suggestions

Ciao will ask you to set your contact days and hours. This way, it's easier to know when you are not available for a meeting, besides your agenda.

Activity list

Here is where you can see what's relevant in Ciao. The meetings you were invited to, the responses to the meetings you set up, among other things.

Landline support

Ciao makes it so easy to join in a call that even you can do so from a landline. Ciao recognize your number and joins you in, in a really fast and smooth way.

Seamless call setup

Isn't working hard enough? Arranging a conference call shouldn't take longer than the call itself. That's why Ciao does all the hard work for you.

You only have to choose the participants and Ciao will find the perfect matching timeslot for everyone. Because it doesn't only match your agenda, it also considers the different time zones, contact hours and contact days.

With Ciao, setup is as smooth as it can be.

Calls made easy

And the easy part doesn't ends there. Because joining to the call is as simple as opening the notifications that reminds you of the beginning of it.

You can even join from a cell phone and from a landline without needing a pin or a room number. Once in, you can see all the participants that had joined and the ones that hadn't.

With Ciao, joining in is more like jumping in.